Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Jewelry Designs~Bermuda Blue Necklace

Hola mi amigas (and amigos)! Today was a lovely day. I've been spending the past few evenings “perfecting” the look for my Bermuda blue necklaces, and I am really happy with the results. It took some tweaking to get the drape right—drove me nuts—but that is taken care of now, thank goodness! I'm happy to say that I have pictures for you! I had hoped to have more, but I'm not as of yet happy with a couple of the other designs—although I do have one that I am skeptical about. Not sure if I should change it or not. It's just one of those “things” that might do better with some mysterious tweaking that I can't quite pinpoint... It's for one of my shell necklaces designs.

 I would love to hear what you guys think about the design of these pieces!

blue swarvoski necklace
My Bermuda Blue necklace

My copper-pearl shell necklace. What do you guys think?

I just wanted to show the shell and pearls in closer detail....

I think the color scheme is lovely--just wasn't sure about the overall look/placement....

And guys, don't forget that there is a GIVEAWAY tomorrow! I'm so excited! I'm bettin' someone gets lucky! ;D (Ha ha).

So don't forget to check back tomorrow! Ciao!



  1. LOVE, Love!
    I want the first one. IT is too LOVELY!!
    Super work.
    Keep it up.

  2. Very nice, my friend! You are have great taste and are very creative. :)

  3. Both necklaces are beautiful! I especially like the Bermuda Blue one. Keep up the good work.

  4. Thanks guys! I love all the encouragement! ;D

  5. Thanks. I'm very excited about it! ;)

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