Friday, April 26, 2013

Catching Up With Me

I'm sorry for being late guys—well, I'm on time for Friday. Revision: I'm sorry for missing Tuesday's post! To be perfectly honest, not much has been missed.... But what news there is is this:

Five Days Until Shop Opening!!!

Needless to say my excitement is mounting! I have only one packaging supply order that I'm waiting for. My items are extremely close to being perfectly ready, listing/inventory wise. And I am planning my next order for new design supplies.

Other than that, I have gotten some more work done on my romantic comedy, have made more blogger friends (yay!), and discovered that Richard Armitage is really quite beautiful. (I've been watching the BBC Robin Hood on Amazon Prime. Really enjoying the characters and story. Oh, and the new Sherlock seasons! Awesome). So, you could say I've had a pretty good week. I'm falling in love with She and Him music, Ingrid Michaelson, and similar artists. Just beautiful and so much fun.

I also ordered Cinematography by Chris Malkiewicz, and How to Travel the World on $50 a Day by Matt Kepnes. Both are books that I've long had on my list, and I'm so excited to have them now. I've read some of Cinematography from the library, and liked it enough to buy it! And needless to say...hopefully Matt Kepnes's book will come into real use. ;) You guys will probably recall that I have a dream to become a film director. I love all the aspects of movie-making—costume design, (which my love of jewelry design ties into) music, story, powerful characters—all my favorite loves can tie into this beautiful medium. And I have recently discovered Film Connection—a film school with many branches, with one in my home town! Didn't know until recently. So—my plans, at present:

Grow my jewelry business

Continue publishing my writing

Hopefully move out on my own in a couple years

Go to California for One Expected Party/England
To visit good friend

Save enough for film school

And who knows where from there?

So that is the news from me! I wanted to show you my blooming pansies, and some wildflowers that are blooming in the fields, but for some reason blogger isn't letting me post pictures at the moment. But I'm so excited about spring! The fields will be flowing with flowers soon!

Aren't they lovely? I hope they continue to get bigger through the season! And hopefully this season will show great leaps and bounds toward my goals!


P.S. I also finished my post on the subject of Peter Pan on my other blog. Here is the link if you'd like a look! Peter Pan is a story that has always been a great favorite the world wide—such an amazing tale of childhood and adventure!

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