Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Why Can't I Be Optimistic?

I have a confession to make. Although it falls short of a real confession, as it is something that those who know me are aware of very well--(and something that I am completely, unabashedly proud of)--I am a HUGE Lord of the Rings fan. Surprised? Well, I'm eclectic. But that's the best way to be, because then you enjoy many things.

I have said before that I have dreams to travel, one of them being to England in the next few years, to visit one of my buds. (Wondering how this is relevant? Just wait!) BIG thing for me. Not only will it will have been my first international trip, I can actually, FINALLY get pics of me and my English chum together. (I'll have you know that “chum” is one of my favorite words). But I was thinking...why hope for only one trip?

Because there is this thing called “The One Expected Party” over at TheOneRing.net in LA California that they just held in honor of the Hobbit movie. And there will be one for each coming movie. And as a passionate lover of all things Tolkien and nerdy, I cannot say how much I'd LOVE to attend—even to volunteer at the event! One of my fellow TORN buddies mentioned having gone, and that next time she's going in costume. It got me thinking...why can't I hope to go? What's holding me back from hoping, and striving for it, and working my butt off to realize that dream?

Nothing. Yes, I have limitations, and difficulties that I'd have to toil through, but that goes with every good thing. Now in all likelihood I won't make enough to go next year, but 2015...why not? And why not England that summer? When is the “perfect” time to travel? Never. There is always something else to hold us back, this needs done, or there's not enough “time”. Some people have very real responsibilities that make it extremely hard to find any free time, but for the majority of people, the problem is simply in their head.

So I have a new goal up on my wall-- “NO extra spending, 2014/2015 trips”. As I do more research I will be adding the amount needed to be saved. My going will depend entirely on my success with my business. But I am optimistic. I balance that with logic, but I'm a stubborn mule when it comes to optimism. There is no reason to let everything weigh you down. And studies have shown that those who are optimistic have less stress. And this reflects in many other things—it's like a happy virus. ;D (Sorry for the choice, but I'm rather fascinated by the nature of viruses. I'm weird that way).

So—let's see what happens! You never know with dreams. Just look at all humanity has accomplished in amazing circumstances, throughout history. Why not try to go to California and England? ;D

  So what steps are you going to make to realize your dreams? Why not be optimistic? ;) Tell me in the comments below! Would love to share ideas and tips!


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