Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spring Is the Season of Strength

~Flowering Apricots and Blooming Hyacinths~

Hey guys! I meant to write on the first day of spring, and the day after—but obviously that didn't happen. ;) Life has a way of spinning me off (my intended) course! All of us can relate, I'm certain! I am glad to say that with the coming of Spring, that hailed season (after dull winter—although we had some good snows), I have some good news. I finished the first draft of my third book in my fantasy trilogy! Whoopdedodah! (Yes, I am unabashedly ridiculous, even in virtual public). So I will be going over the stories again, taking into account new twists to the storyline, and excellent suggestions from friends and family.(As well as trying to get a first draft of my new romance novel)! It's amazing what things we don't pick up on when we're doing the actual writing...I have accused myself of sleeping on the job as an excuse for unbelievable typos and slip ups I've found on my drafts. 

teapot flowerpot
My mascara hyacinths in my teapot...aren't they so CUTE?

flowering hyacinth picture
This is my hyacinth! This is the normal kind--mascara are a miniature.

Other good news—my mascara are blooming! And after my afternoon walk, I have more apricot blossom pictures that are just gorgeous. Plenty of things sprouting up, and my big hyacinth is in full bloom. I have a lovely picture for you! I am so excited to see everything waking up. I always find spring as the season of rebirth, of pulling through. Through the winter we are not stunted, but only in slumber—in spring we rear our heads and show our true colors. Every year is another miracle of growth in this epic miracle that is Living. Life is a blessing—THE blessing. 

Either shasta daisy...or petunias? No telling, with water running away with seeds!

My pansies! Hopefully will have some blooms soon! These lasted through the winter. (Where supposed to bloom for fall--got nipped).

My irises are budding!!

Sweet Williams are sprouting!

And the best for last~

I actually was able to catch this! Not sure what type it is....

apricot blossoms picture
Beautiful apricot blossoms....

Ha! Caught one honeybee!

All hail Spring, and sing praise to the Creator! And here is a further example of the blessings that come our way--my neighbors, whose apricot tree this is, said that I could take as many apricots as I wanted once it starts producing! Just trouble for them (but divine fruit for me!!) Aren't people nice?

In the mood of spring, let's share what we hope to accomplish throughout the year! Now is the time for getting out there and making things happen. What are you going to do? I am going to get my business on the road (metaphorically speaking) and get through at least another draft of Alexis 1—hopefully both 1 and 2. But that might not be so doable, as I'm hoping to get my first draft of my new romance comedy written. But that is my goal this year!! 

Please share yours!



  1. Lovely pictures! We've got some mini daffodils and irises (I think) in the garden at the moment and they're so pretty! I need to take some pics. As for goals... I'd like to finish my monstrosity of a quilt this year, probably won't happen though as I haven't worked on it in months! I'd also like to finish one of the books I'm writing and maybe finish editing one of my existing books, although wanting to get both done is probably too optimistic!

  2. I know! I'm looking around and actually seeing color, and I'm SO excited! Plus, my flowers are sprouting. I feel like doing a jig when I see them! ;D


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