Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Finally Building My Designs!

I have happy, happy news! I got my bead supply order in yesterday! And guess what? I got BOTH of them—AND my sales and use tax permit! All at the same time! Beat that. I can tell you I was SUPER excited!! So I am getting really close to my shop opening goal—May 1st! There's giddy happiness bubbling over here!  (Iced tea cheers).
So needless to say last night I spent beginning to put together my designs (while watching the behind the scenes of Two Towers—I'm a total nerd. And I love movie making). I finished the design for my Bermuda earrings, which, I must say, look really awesome. I might tweak it a bit, but I am pretty happy with them! What do you think?

swarvoski blue earrings
Bermuda Glitz Earrings!

Of course, as with many orders, some things didn't pan out as expected...but instead, I turned it into inspiration for something new! Like the colors for one of my beach necklaces...I ordered some “copper” pearls, and they turned out a bit darker than the picture. I thought they might, but I wanted to see how they'd work out. Now I have a nice design for something slightly different! I'll be sure to put up pictures when I'm finished. Probably in the next day or so.

I would love to hear what you think about the design of my Bermuda earrings, and especially if you have any jewelry pieces you'd like to see in my shop. When I open shop in May, I'll be open for custom orders!

So I better get back to work—I can't wait to show you the rest of my work! Ciao!


P.S. Just as a side note, I read this post from “Lost.In.Travels.”, about actually getting to take care of elephants in an elephant sanctuary in Thailand! I am so excited to see her posts, and read their adventures. And seeing them literally feeding elephants and riding them—oh man, I am so envious! (In the good way). I'm definitely putting that on my travel list!!


  1. And here was me thinking it was the Bermuda triangle...not the Bermuda circle. (Sorry, I couldn't resist.) They look really neat!

  2. Okay, I'm thinking there MUST be a pun in there...now I have to look up what a Bermuda triangle is. Oh, and by the way, it's an oval. That's for making me look up "Bermuda triangle" and feeling like I should already know. ;D

    Oh, and thank you. I like the design too! ;D

  3. Those are awesome earrings.

  4. Thanks! I love wearing them. I think they make my eyes bluer. ;)

  5. Let me know when your business opens.

  6. I certainly will! There will be a big, giddy-excited announcement! (And some break dancing!) ;D


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