Saturday, March 16, 2013

Beautiful Days To Be Thankful For

Yesterday was a beautiful day. So many beautiful things happened, all reminding me how the simple, lovely things in life are the most precious. We had plans for a grilled dinner and a new movie, none other than The Hobbit. We were SO excited! Some of us hadn't seen it (I had), but I think it safe to say those who had were still just as excited. Simple family time to look forward to, devouring favorite foods.
   I also began the day in a most satisfying way by playing Force Unleashed II and completing the game by totally KICKING DARTH VADER'S BUTT. And the minions that came in my way...well, lets just say the Uruk Hai of Lotr would have had a feast. Getting to the final level of my battle with Vader, amid the chaos of rain and lightening and unleashed Force power, I was in my cooliosis zone...and getting a psycho-therapeutic high from tearing Vader apart with my awesomeness. (Why can't I do that all the time? Cooliosis zone is usually not there for the taking unfortunately). 
(Note: “cooliosis” is my personal word for my zone of awesome calm and clarity—this does NOT necessarily entail that I am acting calm. Just output of action).
  Too bad I never got to play the first Force Unleashed. Someday though! I would suggest this game to those wanting a fun game to play, ALTHOUGH entirely too short for the retail $70. I wouldn't pay that price. I'd buy it used or marked down. It is a very short game. Now the first...that's another story. Just ask my dad. He knows. (He's Yoda).

Shortly after breakfast the family played Clue, and we had a really fun time. But I just want to point something out here—we just got the game, and we have played a total of four times—I was Mrs. Peacock the first three, then Professor Plum. AND I WAS THE VILLAIN EACH TIME! HA! Isn't that hilarious? (And guess what? We played again today, twice--I WAS going to be Mrs. Peacock, but let another have it--and they turned out to be the villain! Next, I was still Professor Plum...and lo and behold...I AM THE MURDERER! That, my friends, is what we call uncanny). :)

As it was such a beautiful day, I went on a six-mile walk, and on my second round I grabbed my camera and took pictures of some blooming apricot trees around the neighborhood! They are so beautiful, and I'm so grateful I have a decent camera. I got some gorgeous pictures!Spring is here! And spring is SUCH a thing to be thankful for!

Apricot blooms!

You know, nothing says spring like fresh blossoms....

A lovely butterfly we had caught the day before!

Awhile after my sunny walk we made dinner, and then settled down for our movie/dinner, with some of us (me included!) wearing our Mickey hats from Disneyland. We enjoyed grilled hotdogs (Nathan's! The absolute BEST in the world!), shellsncheese, baked beans, and chips. Then we had rootbeer floats. We all had a blessed, wonderful family time. And The Hobbit is a great movie for spending time together. I'm so glad the rest of the family finally got to see it.All enjoyed it, all loved our time together.
In case you haven't seen my review of the movie, (a movie I like more and more!) here's the link to it on my other blog, Pendragon. <--(yes, I'm nerdy).

Feel free to share your own favorite beautiful memories! I would love to hear them!



  1. Ah! Spring. Love the pics. I'm so glad to see some green outside - real green, not the dead dull stuff left-over from the snow.

  2. I know! I'm looking around and actually seeing color, and I'm SO excited! Plus, my flowers are sprouting. I feel like doing a jig when I see them! ;D

  3. I love your shots, beautiful! What kind of camera do you have??


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