Sunday, March 3, 2013

A Quick Share...

  I read this post by Megan from MBA, about pricing. Something many new entrepreneurs struggle with. They struggle with "How can I charge for doing something I love? How do I know my work is worth it?" This article puts the finger on some very good, core points. If we have a love of something we do, and we have faith in it--we must have faith in the pricing. We are worth it, and our art is worth it. SO~if you present your art form in a way that shows your lack of confidence, then shoppers will pick up on that. Everything is about context~and the faith and love you stamp on your work should show something that is truly worth the price you ask.

  For those who would like to check out the article, here is the link!



  1. This post is super helpful! Following the link now. :)


  2. So glad I could help, Rachel! And BEAUTIFUL blog, by the way. I loved reading your posts today!


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