Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Most Incredible Bread Recipe Ever

As promised, the bread recipe! I hope you enjoy it! The bread was used yesterday for dinner for sandwich bread for bratwurst sandwiches. It was so delicious, and the bread was perfect.

Incredible French Bread

4 cups hot water (about 110, comfortable to the skin)
3 tbs sugar
2 tbs yeast
2 tbs salt
1/3 olive oil
11 cups sifted flour

(this makes three good loaves)

Preheat oven to 425. Mix all but the ingredients except flour together with a whisk, and then let sit for about half an hour, until proofed. It will look like a bloated sponge. Then sift the flour, and add only six cups to mix. Begin to mix in the mixer with a hook attachment, making sure it is all is blending well. From time to time you may have to turn over the dough to get the drier parts mixed in.

Add the rest of the 11 cups cup by cup, as you are continuing to mix. There will be a decent amount of flour left over—after sifting, I usually use about a 11 ½ cups total. The dough will be a trifle sticky, but well blended and pliable.

Oil a very big bowl, and place the dough in it, and cover with a cloth. Let rise until double. (Almost an hour, when next to the preheating oven). Punch down down, and let rise again until double. Then punch down again and divide into three.

Flour a clean counter, and roll out the dough in rectangular shape, dough about a fourth inch thick. Roll long side, and fold ends under and pinch. Place on a pan, slice three slices on top, and let rise until double. Do to all three, two on one pan, one on the other.

Fill a pie pan with water, and place at the very bottom of the oven. (This is optional, but makes for a crustier bread crust). Bake the bread at 425 for 10 minutes, then lower the temp to 375 for another 20 min. The top pan will then be done (the crust, when thumped, will sound hollow), so remove. Then put the second pan on top, and bake for another five or so minutes, until it too sounds hollow.
After cooled, it will cut very nice and thin. Awesome hot with butter though! 

Please tell me how this works for you! As the only bread recipe that has not failed me, and that I absolutely adore, I'm sure it'll do awesome for everyone!

Leave your comments below!

Oh, I just learned from mom where this recipe (which has been in our folder for ages, I just never used it. Go figure!) was found. It was originally found here.

  ~ Elora


  1. You said you had the bestest bread recipe; I raised my eye brow at that sentence and mentally doubted you. It is my duty to inform you that while this might be the best French bread ever....it can't possibly be the best bread ever.:) The secret to the bestest bread is potatoes. Yup, taters...the addition of mashed taters in bread equals fantastic results. :)

  2. Btw, thanks for sharing - it does look almost as good as my recipe. ;-)

  3. Yes, those bratwurst sandwiches were delicious! If I do say so myself! Your bread was wonderful as usual! No more buying WalMart's bread for us.



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