Tuesday, February 5, 2013

What Is Your Traveling Dream?

Many people have a place that they have dreamed of visiting, exploring, and getting to know its culture and people. Whether it is to escape the familiar or a plain insatiable curiosity of the new, many share this desire.

Sometimes one of the reasons one goes into business is the dream of earning the ability to make certain dreams, like travel, come true. It is certainly one of mine. It is my hope that through my hard work over the next few years that I may begin to accomplish that dream. It will take much dedication and occupation, but I am not afraid of that—I welcome it. I like a lot of activity. My study and perseverence will fill my time, I am sure, and in-between that work, I will continue to explore the unlimited tips available on travel.

I hope to visit England within the next three years, and visit a friend. Hopefully soon after that, to New Zealand. I happen to be a big Lord of the Rings fan, and the landscapes in the very successful movies opened me to the incredible beauty of the region. And after that, if I am so fortunate financially, I'll either choose Italy or Africa. They've been on my list for a very long time--Africa ever since I was a child, and saw The Lion King. And in the future, heaven knows that there are dozens of other places that I'll always want to see! Like China, and Australia. 

So if you too are looking for traveling tips to plan your dream trip, I visit a site, Nomadic Matt , that gives many tips (even for traveling quite frequently) on a budget. There's so many specified tips for certain locations, like eating in Rome, where are the best (and even more economical) places to visit. Just from the treasure trove of information, even though I haven't had the opportunity to use it myself as of yet, I sincerely believe this is an excellent place to go for info.

So is there any destination that is your dream trip? Please share, and share your dreams of getting there!
And may our dreams of relishing lattes (and admiring the beautiful people) in Italy come to fruition!



  1. Hmmm there's actually very few places I'd really like to visit. I'd like to see Venice and the Vatican and I'd love to go back to the Rocky Mountains in Canada. Oh, and at some point I'd like to go somewhere with nice beaches. Clear, warm blue water and stretching miles of gold sand. Not very exciting, I guess!

  2. OXFORD.

    Though I have no idea how I'll ever get there. Right now, I can't really think of anything beyond college.

  3. Oh, those are awesome dreams! I can immediately relate with the desire to see Venice, definitely, as Italy is on my list. And the Rocky Mountains are so beautiful (I've only seen pictures, but they must be as breathtaking as they seem!)
    And Oxford--even for a short time I wanted to go there. So many famous authors were there! And of course only very smart people get in. So, Longish, you just might. ;)

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  5. My list would be like:
    Moonlit promenade in Florence
    Star gazing from Burj Khalifa
    Himalayan expedition in May
    Rehab with Tibetan Monks
    Lonesome beach in Maldives
    Pocket full of stones
    And I'm in Sea

  6. How exotic and exciting! Hope you get to!! Tell us when you do. ;D


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