Friday, February 8, 2013

In Business For Life! My Etsy Team

Many of us wish for a place where we can more personally communicate with other sellers like ourselves (or aspiring ones, like myself, in the middle of hard working prep) who are learning and implementing practices. Where we can even watch each other grow, like sisters and brothers in a family. I know I have! I wanted a place that was very community-oriented, given to participation and supporting and building each other. A place where one's support can be a simple opinion on the appearance of another's blog or its function/layout, or a link to an article that helped them. The big and little things that make up the whole of operating a business. I felt that a community that was a huge international band of friends would be an incredible place for all of us. Not to mention the possibility of some sellers getting together in their own regions!

So—that is why I created my Etsy team, In Business For Life! As of yet I have three other members, and I'm looking to continue building it. The guidelines are clearly given on the about page, so everyone knows what is expected of the community. Participation that is not overwhelming or time consuming, just simple sharing.

It is slow going with few responses, but I'm determined to persevere. I know others like myself are looking for something like this, I just need to find them. And together we can build each other up, and reach our vision for success and excellence!

Feel free to join!

Here's a toast to our vision and dreams!


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