Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Fabulous Oatmeal Cookie Recipe!

Today I tried a new recipe. We had some oatmeal to use up, so I made oatmeal cookies! And I must say...they were DELISH. So I am going to share this amazing recipe with you!

In the recipe it has you make the mix first, which I did—I had ¾ cup more oats than it called for, but I added them anyway. (The way of a baker is to know how to balance the rest out). I followed the directions, mixing the mix in the electric mixer. But since I was making all of the mix, not just the amount the cookie part specified, I put it in a big big bowl, and I added four eggs, and the corresponding water and vanilla. Added whatever raisins I had.

After mixing it all together, I knew it looked how it was supposed to. Not like paste, but well bound together by the moisture. (See? Balance!)

I got a full tray of cookies (the picture shows whats left after we ate...eleven, I think...no—thirteen!) after I was all done! And they were so yum! The instructions were simple. It says to grease the cookie sheets, but I didn't need to do that. (I only realized that after I forgot to do one, and the cookies still came off fine. They have enough shortening in them to suffice. ;D)

Don't these look absolutely beautiful? Please share your thoughts, and how the recipe works for you!

Happy baking!


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  1. Girl you better not have used up all the raisins! We need those for Malt O Meal! LOL. None the less, the cookies were good and that is from someone who doesn't care much for cookies. Yum!



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