Friday, February 15, 2013

An Etsy Banner That Tells a Story

I have been working diligently over the course of the last couple weeks on what my shop banner will look like. At first I was fairly certain that I would use photos, but due to extremely limited resources (every penny is being saved!) I looked at stock photos and images that could be used...then I realized that my original design was not necessary. Not even better than this simpler one that I had in mind. Granted, others might disagree, so I will show it for your critique. I have left it its original size, so you can see the font clearly. Do you think I should make the first letters of the tagline green as well?

Of the things I have been keeping in mind, when designing, is the basics: the simple story of what your business is, what is its great love. What the universal style will be, throughout the storefront. (Avatar, associated ads or banners, etc.) So I have put my brand colors on the banner, and created a tag line that covered exactly what my love is. I absolutely adore the different styles that civilization has gone through, and the expression in them. It goes along with my love of travel—my dream is to travel and learn from the different peoples. Life has so much to show us. But I wanted to do this in a blend of modernity with the old—something that transcends the traditional design. Pieces that tell stories. I hope that my banner reflects that.

I have recently read an Etsy article that covers the many points one needs to consider when creating their image, which will be reflected in their design. Everything tells a story! I hope it helps you too.

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  1. Not keen on the green, but it's pretty catchy otherwise! :)

  2. A bit of constructive criticism: I like the shop name - but I'd make the title larger so it isn't overwhelmed by the tagline. Also, I'd cut the comma on the tagline so it flows. Overall, the tagline is good, but what's it got to do with jewelry? Not trying to tear it down, just analyzing. :) I do like the color scheme.


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