Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Whipped Cream From Heaven

I made a CRAZY cherry pie yesterday. I was going to make pumpkin, then realized I had no corn syrup. Well. So what to do? Ah yes, a can of cherry pie filling. I had made only one pie crust, so I had no top. So what did I do then?

I did a scrap streusel. I knew the basic ingredients—but to my chagrin it turned out a LOT softer than I intended! But I must was actually quite delish. And don't think that I always use can filling! No sir! I like homemade best, when I can manage the time. (And my recipe is good, which I will share another time).

But what was my main point for this email was this wonderful homemade whipped topping I did to go with the pie! I've learned from mistakes, and this...this was pure heaven. Very simple recipe too! Here it is:

1 cup heavy cream
2 tbs sugar
½ tsp vanilla

What I did was whip the cream (alone) in the KitchenAid mixer for awhile—I had to see which speed was best, turned out that 6 was the best level to get it to form soft beautiful peaks. Then I added the sugar, and vanilla—beat it more, until it thickened to proper consistency. DO NOT over mix—it will get so thick, it's more like butter. Not as good. We like our fluff, right? But I tasted it and it was so heavenly.... Nothing better than whipped cream...except chocolate. (I usually choose to picture something like this, when I heard the reference “the land of milk and honey”---they really must have been talking about sweet cream). 

I hope you guys enjoy this recipe!

Heavenly makings!


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