Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Dreams For the New Year

Hello everyone, and Happy New Year! I know y'all must be as excited as I am. There are so many things I hope to accomplish this year. As a lover of creativity, there are many things I love to do, so here is my list of dreams I hope to make happen:

Start my jewelry shop this April, after final prep is complete

Finish my quilting projects

Publish something new on Kindle

Master book 1 of my guitar book

So as you can see, they are rather simple. I've found it's better, and more manageable, to keep it that way! From this you can see a lot of my tastes. I love writing and music, and I love creating things. Especially when it makes you think of something from another place, or time. My jewelry shop (names are still bouncing around in my head) will be a big reflection of that—I love vintage jewelry, ethnic jewelry, glitzy jewelry—pieces that make me think of the old silver screen prima donnas—there is so much beauty to admire around the world, and through the eras. I want my brand to embody a sense of the beauty of every part of the world.
   That goes for music and writing too. My tastes and talents range over different genres. (Although music still takes some work. I'm starting guitar, as my keyboard broke down, which was my best instrument. It was hard to see it go). 
   So—the best way to describe me is simple—enthusiastically eclectic. ;)

   A couple of my writings are already available on Kindle: a short story called Eloise, inspired by an idea I had of someone using the theater and their role as their inner battleground. It has been given a good review, which thrilled me to no end. My other work, a significantly longer work, is the first book in my Alexis fantasy trilogy. Its story is a challenge to believe there is something worth fighting for in this world, and to find our place in it. With it comes a realization of the preciousness and worth of home. And it is for this that Alexis, having lost hers, fights for. This is the original published version—some changes have been made since then, after some discussion with other writers. I was going to remove it, but then I thought perhaps others might care to know what the original was like. It too has been given good reviews. 
Writing is a serious passion of mine—it will figure more prominently in my other blog, Pendragon, which I put together for the sole purpose of commenting on good writing, reviews of deep literature and music, themes, etc. 
Out My Front Door is mainly going to feature my daily life and crafts, and within the next few months, my shop! I am so very excited about that. Oh, and of course, my garden. Can't leave out my beautiful garden. Well, it's anything but beautiful at the moment—the cold has completely demolished it. And my Pacific Beauties had been doing so well! I already can't wait for spring!
Oh, almost forgot one last goal~making a ton of blog friends! I hope to make my blog a happy place for others to visit, and I can't wait to meet others out there showing their own creativity to the world.

So without further ado~
Good luck everyone, and have a blessed and inspired New Year! Can't wait to see you!

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