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  Thanks for visiting my website! I'm Nicole, also known as Elora, in my writing circles. I started Out My Front Door as a way to connect with others. I was at a time in my life where I had few interactions, and most of the people I knew were from long relationships of correspondence, or writing forums. (I have found some of my best friends through writing forums--if you're a writer, I greatly encourage you to find a good site or two, and reach out to those who really speak to you). Out My Front Door has gone through many changes...just as I have. I honestly don't know how to organize my about page, because I'm still figuring out what I'm about. It comes down to really simple things though. 

  I love to travel. I share a lot about my travel experiences, and opportunties. I want to see the world. There's too many things to discover, too many stories to find. Why miss out, and stay home your whole life? There is so much to learn.

  I love finding inspiration in those who have chased their dreams. That is why I try to keep up with having Modern Go-Getter Mondays. I want to share those who have inspired me, and countless others. We don't get far by ourselves. We stand on the shoulders of those who have gone before us, and pave the way for those who come after. 

  I enjoy sharing my little triumphs. Part of me still says it's not worth sharing, these little things--but then what is? The news covers everything else. We need our little triumphs, and our losses in life. This is our big adventure--this is mine. I struggle with posting regularly. I struggle with believing anything I  have to say will be worth it. For such an optimistic person, I have a lot of doubt. But something I've learned is that sometimes the optimistic person is the one who is drowning the most--optimism is just the only life line they have left. I have my days where I feel on top of the world--just so lucky to be able to look at the sunset and breathe in peace. Then there are others where I wish I'd spontaneously combust and everyone would recognize the rage, passion, and frustration that I feel. I want a punching bag to tear to pieces on those days, I want something to trample underfoot because I still recognize the fetters of everyday life are closing in--and the possibilities of what I fight for seem far away. But the miracle is that we are all brothers and sisters in this. All on the same journey, although some of us fall along the way, and choose not to get up, and keep putting one foot in front of another. 

  I guess I can say that my blog is just my story--just the willingness to walk out my door every day and keep trying. Anything can happen. And I'm one of those who don't want to give up. Because then what is the point? 

I love talking to people, so if you have a question or just want to message me, here's my contact info!

Nicole: "Why are there so many wildflowers by the wayside?" Elora: "Because people cast aside their dreams along the way." #themuse  ~Nicole vs. Elora


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