Monday, August 20, 2018

The Rest is Merely Tenacity ~ Back from the Dead

"The most difficult thing is the decision to act,
The rest is merely tenacity."
~Amelia Earhart

 I haven't written anything since January. What a hell of a year it's been already. And in a good way.

  •   I started a new, better job in January. Got a heck of a raise, WITH commission. 
  • Took two trips already this year. (SoonerCon, and a trip to Dallas to see Paul Simon in concert--more on that later).
  • Moved to a better, more affordable place. So much happier here!
  I can't begin to tell you how blessed I am. I'm finally on the path I've wanted to be. It's been a roller-coaster, financially, but I'm still tight on the reins with making sure it's under control. I feel so blessed.

  I won't be able to go on a cruise later this year, but I think that pales in comparison to the fact I'm finally on the path to becomes a recognized filmmaker. Actually building the career I've been gunning for, for the last six years.

  Honestly, last Friday I opened the intro to my first online film class. I stared at it, and realized that six years ago, when I was 22 (I'm right about to turn 28) I realized I wanted to become a filmmaker. And I found a program that I thought would be right for me. Still took me a couple years to move out on my own (was still helping with the family at that point), but I was able to do that June 5th, 2015. Three years later I'm in the program, and already working with a mentor. In those three years I've:

  • moved out
  • gotten a full time job with a raise (making a living on a part time job is REALLY hard)
  • gotten a car
  • gotten a better job, with a promotion and raise
  • and started school

  How BLESSED am I? That is not a bad track record. Thank God I was born with tenacity. There is definitely pros to being a stubborn ass!! My mom will laugh at that.

  That said, I've been having a little trouble sleeping. I can't help but think of the days to come. With my drive, and my talents, I don't think I have an excuse not to succeed. The days will be full, and busy--life will be coming at me full force, and I will have a hard time making time for friends and family. But I'll find a way.

  Life just got a whole lot bigger, I think.


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