Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Taking on the Credit Beast ~ Imma Cut Ya

Well I finally did it! I cut my first credit card! Well, with scissors. Not the first time I've canceled one--not that I'm canceling this one. I don't have a ton of credit cards, and I know that the amount of credit available to me--not necessarily the number of cards I have--effect my credit score as well. So I want to stick to the amount I have now, and just pay them down.

  However, this is the first time I've cut one. I need to remove the temptation of swiping it at work. Because even those vending machine snacks, those awesome gardening deals, don't help me reach my goals. I need it to be out of my wallet until I get my spending and debt under control. If I so wish I'll get it reissued after I reach that goal. My idea though, is that I'll keep it as it is, and just run my basic bills through it, so that I have a payable balance each month, but usable for nothing else. Not using your credit card doens't really do much either--using it responsibly does.

  I have to say though--cutting that card in half felt SUPER GOOD. I couldn't help but smile. Because I had finally done what needed to be done. Goals come first--and I need to remember that.

  And now I'm watching Confessions of a Shopaholic. I thought it was fitting.

  Here's to a better year next year. And please forget the corny blog title.


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