Thursday, November 30, 2017

Paperless Post Review ~ Good Thanksgiving Wishes

  I was contacted recently by Paperless Post, with the offer that I try out there digital print cards. Of course I'm always excited at the idea of working with someone new, and I took a look at their card designs. So cute! And so many of them are customizable. At first I thought I'd have the option of printing the ones I liked--no, the offer I had from the company was for emailed cards. Which was definitely still cool--at first I was going to print Christmas cards and send them off--but when I realized it was an emailed card, I was like, "Hey, instead I'll just send off Thanksgiving cards for like the first time ever. Omg this one is so cute and funny!!"

I was very happy. Not only did I find a card that was both vintage-y and humorous, it was super easy to send it to everyone, within the time frame I needed. It was just a matter of getting all the addresses, listing them, and then hitting the send button. Mass mail. For cutesy holidays or birthdays, or just to say hi, I think these cards are a great idea. I love getting physical cards for Christmas, especially since this year is the first year that I'll do an annual letter. I LIKE sending mail. I love the art of letterwriting. And sending cards. I love receiving them--that thought, that someone thought of me enough to write me a personal note.

  Paperless Post has print options as well, with many designers cards. It is definitely worth the look guys! Next year I might choose my favorite Christmas design that is customizable with a personal photo. I love the ivy trim around it. I just don't have the photo right now, I'm too freaking busy with work and cramming time with friends and family. The ONE time I scheduled a photoshoot I got sick the day before, and it hit me like a ton of bricks. Rudolph's nose is cute, but not when it's on my face and it hurts. And I looked like trash. So needless to say I canceled my appointment. Perhaps next year!

  If you try it, please let me know what you think of your experience! I really enjoyed the ease of Paperless Post.

  ~ Nikki

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