Sunday, September 17, 2017

True Identity ~ What Is Truly Uniquely You

powerful identity quotes
~ Bhimrao Rhamji Ambedkar

  You know I was just looking at this custom fragrance that I was able to create on I'm not sure if I'll get it, as things are still financially tight. (I do love my perfumes, and get one every other year or so--I don't go through them quick enough). But I was just thinking about what they're really selling--it's something that is uniquely you. What you like. How you want to create yourself. The idea that you can have this modern, beautiful bottle of scent with your name on it. It can signify what you are. Someone can walk into your bathroom and think, "Oh wow she even has her own personal scent! How very posh and confident...I wish I could do that."

  I just sat and thought for a minute. I had only created the scent because of a link I saw on facebook, and thought it might be interesting. But after thinking about all that--the allure of having something uniquely mine, saying "This is me," I couldn't help but think of the minor, materialistic mindset of that. Sure, there is something genuinely alluring and great about the ability to create your own scent. But I was also recognizing that I tend to use too many "things" to define me. From the fantasy swords on my wall, to the vintage furniture, to the movie posters--to anything and everything. All these things are good--and should be a reflection of who I am. But not so much that I want to get them to feel like I'm defining myself. My real definition is in what I do. What I make. It's all about perspective....

  It's cool that I can make my own perfume. Maybe I'll get it, and love it. I'll have a lovely bottle on the shelf with my name on it, my quota. It'll be beautiful because it came from a confident woman who knows herself, not because the scent makes the woman though. And people say this all the time, but every truth, individually experienced, is still nonetheless potent and incredibly real. And the way we experience them effects our individual viewpoint, and can also effect others.

  I want everything in my life to be a reflection of my confident self. Come from a place of self-knowledge, and celebration. Not materialism, or a crutch of expression. Because sometimes I get things for the wrong reasons. They can be good things. If I need reminded of who I am, getting a book, or a perfume, is not going to remind me. Building a fortress with a label on it, so I can sit in there amongst all my "defining things" will never satisfy me.

  I think that is one of the hardest things though. To know yourself. Honestly that is the journey of life, and sometimes at the end we still don't completely know. We are our own greatest mystery. But their is beauty in the times of discovery.

  Just wanted to share that.


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