Monday, January 12, 2015

Lift Your Glasses To What I Love ~ Those Who Inspire Others

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 They say share what you love. I love people who uplift others. Anastasia Sproull, who I interviewed recently, as this short ebook that I just finished, filled with quote pics on how to better your positivity. I love Anatasia because she encourages others so warmly, to appreciate the things about themselves that are truly beautiful. Like she said, it's all about perspective. If you subscribe to her website (which I greatly encourage you to do!) you get this little ebook filled with little reminders. They're simple, but reminiscent, I think, of things we've looked over far too easily for too long. Too many look at themselves, at their bodies, at their talents, at their prospects, and think them second-rate. What about the lovely aspects about them? And who would want to kowtow to a cultural trend image? It's so fake, and we live in a time that increasingly appreciates the real, the genuine. We're all tired of the photo-shopped packages, the commercialized ideals. Yet there's still many of us that don't apply the same thinking to our own lives.

  Hats off to people like Anastasia who put themselves out there to lift them up, to encourage them to think positively. At times it gets hard, and it's good to have people who remind us to hold on to it, to keep working at it. That sense of positivity goes for anything.

  Anything is possible, as long as we hold onto the best of things. Hats off to those who remind us.


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