Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Three Things to Look Forward To

  I realize that I am feeling rather expectant at the moment. All at once I was thinking of several things--the fact that I am impatiently waiting for the next Poirot episode to air online on PBS Masterpiece, the fact that my giveaway is just right around the corner, and the fact that...Starbucks is releasing their Pumpkin Spice latte EARLY. The 25th!! AGH! Whoowhoo! Those five bucks in my wallet are glowing with consecration. They have a sacred purpose now. Now, if only time would go just a teensy weensy bit faster....

  Who else is waiting for the seasonal flavors that Starbucks delights us with? Sigh...I am so ready for the holidays. So very ready. Bring on the cheer and Christmas songs in Starbucks.

  For those who perhaps haven't seen my latest post, Tiffany from Endless Bliss and I are hosting a giveaway in a few days for three of my jewelry pieces, as well as sharing some goody news. And don't forget, I have a HUGE sale going on at Ebay! So many goodies for great bargains there. So if you like bargain hunting paired with jewelry, decor, and books, be sure to check it out here





  1. If you're waiting for the next Poirot on PBS you'll have a long wait - the last three are available here (and you can trial it out for a free trial): http://acorn.tv/franchise/poirot


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