Sunday, August 17, 2014

Come Live With Me Laughs~Just Propose, and There You Go!

   I wanted to post something funny, and just the other day I had the perfect thing--now if this doesn't make you laugh, I don't know what will. Come Live With Me is a cutesie, humorous movie--a good film to watch when you just need something simple and funny to make you laugh. Especially when something recent has made you especially sad.

  My ebay auction for is still going on! Everything, and even new items, are up for bidding and sale for great discounts! There's even some books, and decorative figurines that I'm putting up for a sister of mine, in case you're interested. All are in really good condition.

ebay jewelry auctions

ebay jewelry auctions

ebay jewelry auctions

ebay jewelry auctions

green pearl and silver dangle earrings

   These are a couple of the other miscellaneous things for sale.

may birth month girl figurine

growing up enesco girl year 8

nancy drew book set
geometry of sisters luanne rice book

baby enesco growing up girl figurine

the south beach diet book ebay

  That's all for now! Hope you guys had a laugh. ;) Who doesn't love Jimmy Stewart?


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