Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Agh, To Be Bored

Oh no! I'm bored! Again! Heaven have mercy on my soul--have mercy on my suffering!

Agh, to be bored....

So much to do, as always...there's always things to do. They've been done, progress is okay, things rolling on...but come on, life--where is something spontaneous? I'm back at my desk again, writing letters to characters again, (metaphorically) yet...throw something at me, please. A moment ago, when I sat down at my desk and thought about what could be done but was not enthusiastic about, it reminded me of a post I did last year, and a scene from Sherlock popped up in my head. (You can read the post here).

Gunshot bored...I think I need to coin that phrase.

  I could get a shirt for myself that says "Gunshot bored" on one side, and "Please shoot me" on the other. But then, we do live in a crazy world. Perhaps someone would take me seriously. That would be terribly inconvenient. I haven't even gotten out the front door yet. I have so many things to see.

  Well, I can't say that I'm going to fix my problem tonight. I did get a bit of amusement out of trying to make you laugh. And yes, I'm taking therapy by watching the commentary of A Study In Pink. Hey, leave me alone. I admit it, I like my Sherlock. It's brain food.  :)  

  So, I'll be going. Leave me to my Sherlock.

Perhaps it'll stimulate some brain work. A bit less bored now...but if any of you have a wall to shoot at, and time to kill, don't hesitate to holler back. We all need partners in crime.



  1. I love Sherlock/BenedictCumberbatch/MartinFreeman! My only complaint is there is not enough of it. :)

  2. AHhh I miss being bored. But maybe that's what having a 1 year old does to you! I get twitchy if I have 5 minutes of quiet...

    1. Wow--it's incredible all the different ways having a baby changes you. I'm not a mother, but I've seen what 6 kids (including my crazy self) has done to my mom. ;)

  3. Boredom is a great source of creative ideas, so I welcome boredom. But like you I don't get the chance to get bored very often.

    1. Yeah, sometimes it really can be. It's strange! And other days you just feel like you're going crazy.


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