Friday, May 3, 2013

My Rom-Com

Almost forgot to post today! Man, I'm getting terrible about it. Mostly I've been trying to catch up with my writing and exercise, and both have been going well...although I'd love to be further along. But I do have a bit of my rom-com that I thought you guys might like to read, and I wondered if I could get your opinion on it. It represents well, I think, what the character is like, and the sort of comedy that is shown throughout the story. At this point she traveling to San Diego. I had been thinking of a place she could travel to in the story, then I thought, "Why not have her go to San Diego? You went last year--you have an idea of all the things she'd see. And it's GORGEOUS!" So. San Diego it is. But I'm saying no more at present. ;D
  Well, I tried to add a couple photos. But again, for some reason, it's not working. It's really starting to irritate me. 

"After paying for gas and M&Ms, and helplessly succumbing to buying a lovely chocolatey milkshake from the indoor Dairy Queen, Mari headed back to the interstate. Mari could see a solitary and golden-brown red peak right beside, and turning onto the road and picking up speed as she began to merge, Mari looked at it, thinking that it'd make a beautiful picture. Especially the way the sun was touching it.
Biting her lip, Mari glanced at her rear view mirrors and pulled over to the side of the road. Quickly she grabbed her camera and trotted to a spot in front of her car. She crouched down, repositioning herself to get the frame she wanted.
See Mari, you should go out on a limb more often,” she told herself as she snapped pictures. “Look at all this. Beautiful mountains and peaks. All rugged and harsh. You can cope with that. Even in your DallyHou shoes. May not be Prada, but—OH MY GOSH!” she screeched, as a rattlesnake not two yards away erupted in a maddening hiss, lunging for her camera.
Mari stumbled back and caught herself on the road, and made a dash for her car door. Diving in she slammed it after herself, and looked over the dash, as if the snake would come after her. Blinking she inhaled and turned onto the road, quickly getting up to speed.
Well that...I am not even going to say anything, Mari,” she said aloud. Quietly she just kept her eyes on the road. Then she turned on the radio."

I hope you guys enjoyed it! Let me know what you think!


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