Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Hey guys! I have some news. Due to an occurrence in the family, I will not quite be able to open shop tomorrow as planned (that's what you call last minute!) but around the 21st. Ah well. Only a small postponement! I'm still keeping optimistic and happy. Oh, and I also got the last of my packaging supplies in today. But the waiting IS killing me just a little bit... ;D

I was able to get some more written for my romantic comedy this morning! I was so relieved and happy about that—the evening before was wretched. In the wind-down, why on earth could I not write? Supposed to be a “relaxing” time. Much of the answer was likely in the fact that my eyes hurt, my brain felt like rubber, and I didn't feel like doing much—aside from wanting to be able to say I accomplished something writing-wise. Well I had, but I wanted more. I'm greedy like that. And my brain just felt like rubber. ;D

Why can't I just have a day where something amazing just SPILLS out and so much is accomplished?

Ah well. Anyway. I'm back on the road with the writing, both with my romantic comedy and my epic. Strange mix, but it suits my psychotic nature.

Other news—my garden is doing well, my Pacific Beauty are growing wonderfully, and should be showing buds soon! My irises have a couple buds that are shooting up tall and beautiful, and I can't wait until they bloom. My pansies are blooming like crazy, and I hope they get even taller. My rosebush is struggling though—I think it's due to our crazy weather—cold, and then like today—96 degrees! Ha! Poor plants don't know what to think. Oh yes they do: “You temperature-happy jerk!”

In the next couple days I should have some more pictures of my growing garden! So far, that's all of the updates! I think....


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