Saturday, April 13, 2013

Marie Forleo and LKR~Having the Guts to Strive!

   The past few days have shown good activity on the blog, especially due to my New Designs post and the Kindle Giveaway! I'm so excited to see my new followers on Bloglovin. I have a couple things to share with you today, from a couple other posts I've read from LKR, and Marie Forleo! The first, from Anne Samoilov of LKR, was about her recent decision to finally step out on her own. She has been working with LKR for so long, but had felt a growing need to do her own thing. And now she is! She's having the guts to just go out there and see how it works! Here is the link, so you can read it for yourself. ;)

   The second post, from Marie Forleo that I wanted to share with you, was of something similar, and just as encouraging. It dealt with keeping your vision, your drive—your sense of adventure. What would life be like without it? Honestly! I know I am SO excited to be striving for my dreams! Here is the comment I left for Marie:

  “Hey, thanks for sharing that video! I haven't attained my dreams yet, but as anyone else, I have my down moments when I ask if this "struggle for vision" is all there is at the present. I'm opening my cultural-mix style fashion jewelry on May 1st, and I've been working my butt off to prepare everything. But still...I have those "OH how am I going to do this? IS IT GOING TO EVEN WORK?" moments. Thank goodness I am a naturally hardworking and optimistic person, (with a good dose of stubbornness), because that always forces me to keep going. And it's what I love. I likely will not be doing it forever, but it is a love that ties into OTHER dreams that I have already, and am working for.
Thanks for the encouragement, Marie!”

 If you want to read the post, find it here.
   I hope this ministers to you guys, and gives you the drive to keep going with your dreams. You can always share them with me here, and I will always be rooting for you, and keeping you in my prayers!

P.S. If you're still interested in the Kindle giveaway, there's likely still plenty of entries open for you! Hop on over!


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