Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Girltime Therapy~Keeping the Joy In My Day

   Okay, I am going to confess—I am having a desperate “I need girlfriend therapy” evening! I need my girlfriends around me (a boyfriend probably wouldn't hurt, either—wink wink. And in a cowboy hat would be lovely ;D ) and some serious pampering. A lovely chocolate-infused dessert, a girly movie where me and my girlfriends can laugh like a bunch of tipsy hyenas (we can sound like that any time of the day). But...unfortunately wanting doesn't always get. Where's a genie when you need one?

   Lately I have been a bit down, worn out with all that I'm trying to organize in my head, and trying to figure out. Trying to write. I have a horrible problem with feeling rather disconnected sometimes. I'm come to hate being by myself. I still do it in increments, getting things done, but more and more I'm spending more time with family. And I can't help but think that's a good thing. I believe God is pushing me in a different direction—I did my vicious studying the past few months to prepare myself for my shop opening, etc.--now it's time to find my balance. And anyone can tell you—I am a people person. I love working and being around people. Although I have the nasty feminine habit of being moody sometimes. But fortunately, I also have the amazing capacity of laughing an instant later at a joke, and being completely better. 

   But I have some good news—today I looked up some verses on self-confidence, and I found many that I have now stuck to my wall, right where I can see them all the time. And I want to share them with you!

“And we know that all tings work together for good to them that love God, to them that are called according to His purpose.”~Romans 8:28

“Let no man despise your youth, but be an example of the believers, in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity....”~ 1 Timothy 4:12

“I can do all things through him who strengthens me.”~Phil 4:13

   These are only a few, and popular ones, but read and absorbed in the moment when they're most needed, it is a balm for the soul. Definitely for me. It lifted me up! Partly because they're such good verses—partly because I decided that I was sick of feeling down. I decided that I was going to hang my depression and be chipper! And together, it was magic! Singing with the radio now. (Ooh, I might hear some music in that line...).

   Sometimes I feel swamped with all I'm trying to attain. I live a different lifestyle than the one I'm hoping for, certainly less socially active. But it is definitely blessed. But this evening, the Good Lord just really told me its okay. I will reach the goal. The day has its joys. Choose to be joyful! Old Lucifer knows the tricks with me—yes I'm lonely at times, wishing God would sometimes hurry up and drop a cowboy in my lap, or send me some visiting girlfriends—sometimes I'm overwhelmed with my lack of socializing and slight confinement. I definitely am ready to finally get a place of my own, heart-wise—just not financially. I'm ready to travel and see the world. I want to meet and make friends. I LOVE people. I love life. I want to share my joy and vision with people, and absorb all that others have to offer. And I do have something definite in sight, goal-wise—working writing my stories and making my shop a success so that I can try to move to my own place, visit friends, and go to a local film school called Film Connection. I know the place I desire to be is in movies. Not because of the glamor. Because of the message. It is all about the message, and I want to give something beautiful, something people will carry with them. I love so many things, and movies are the perfect way to pool them—music, stories, people, messages. 

   So that is my message tonight—I'm deciding to hang on to the joy of the day, of living—and the joy of those verses I found today. I'm going to memorize them. I'm going to continue to pursue my dreams, but with the courage of a heart that will hold to its confidence and joy, rooted in the grace and strength of the Lord's promises. I will strive to finally move on in life, and get into filming by and by. I have stories to tell, and people to work with. Just got to wait and continue to work.

   So sorry that this was a late post. I am trying to keep things working smoothly, but it's rather hard at the moment. Trying to stock up for my shop opening, (doing rather well) and keep my writing on track. Speaking of which, I promise “The Trails of M&M” is going to be a lovely riot! It had me laughing. I'm enjoying writing my first romantic comedy so much. Hopefully I'll be able to release it this Christmas, or next spring!

Feel free to share your comments below, if you want prayer, need some girltime therapy, or just have something to share with the rest of us! God bless everyone! Seize the day!!



  1. I hear you, I really do - even seasoned introverts like me need people every now and then. :)

    Here's a fun video for ya:
    Be happy! And hold tight to the time you have with your wonderful family. :)

  2. I'm glad you're feeling much better. As you well know, sometimes I get moody too and need some female companionship. I'm always glad when you are there to encourage me. If ever you need to get something off your chest, you can always write to me. Love you!

  3. Thanks guys! Charm, I definitely owe you an email. And CJ, thanks for the vid share! Chipper song. ;D


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