Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter Sunday Blessings~Spring Awakening

Well, it is wonderfully wet and cold outside, preparing for the proverbial spring. Aren't these quiet, refreshing days lovely? You can just feel the world beginning to wake up, and growth beginning to stir.

But anyway, I hope everyone had a glorious Easter! As always, I spent it happily with family, and we had a great time. We visited a local church that we visited last year, and the service was awesome. The band played great songs. Only name I remember though is “The Old Rugged Cross”. I know they did a Natalie Grant song. I hate forgetting names! Bugger!
But the high point in the service, I think everyone there would agree, would be the when the pastor tried to demonstrate his “childlike faith” and “reception of grace” theme. He told one of the children that he had a 5-dollar bill in his old Bible up on the podium, and that if she wanted to go and get it, she could keep it. Then he asked, “Do you believe me?” (And I'll have you know the pastor is so nice and friendly). And the little girl said no! The congregation just laughed. But she followed him up there and received her dollar bill.

 It was a blessed day, full of sunshine and the smell of spring. I hope you guys have a blessed holiday too!

As an extra thing, I just thought you guys would like a couple pictures of my full-blown mascara. One of the pots I thought held my lily—now I have no idea what it is! I recognize it, just can't remember what flower it is! Go figure. ;D

bulb sprout picture
See? In the middle there--I'm still wracking my brain, trying to remember which flower it is!

blooming hyacinth picture
A little messy, but mascara do what they want. There are tulips beside them, getting ready to bloom!

  What did you guys do for Easter Sunday? Share your stories below! I'd LOVE to hear them. Especially the lovely, funny ones. ;D
I have been continuing to design my new Ocean jewelry line, so expect posts on my new designs this week! And don't forget to stop by on the 10th, to enter into the Kindle giveaway hosted by My So-Called Chaos!

Have a blessed week guys!


P.S. Found out that that mysterious flower is another hyacinth! Where did it come from? I though I only had one! Well, big one anyway...maybe it was an off shoot....

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