Tuesday, March 12, 2013

These Random, Sweet Things

I meant to post this yesterday, but I never got around to it. Spent most of the day with family, and it was a good, healthy time away from all these things I've been doing! A good break. I just want to share a few sweet things that happened yesterday. The first....

I just want my breakfast!

I found a baby starling! I was taking care of the dogs, when they started barking at something, and I looked over into the next yard and saw a chick waddling over the ground. It was so cute. I made the dogs calm down and went on with my chores, but when I went into Buddy's pen, the chick had gotten into it! I made Bud calm down and then removed the chick to the front yard, by some bush stumps, to protect if from the cold wind. Then I went and got my camera—and while I tried to take a picture, it took off bouncing for Bud's pen again! I couldn't figure out why, until it stubbornly stayed by his dog food...so I'll have to point out that the birds around here love dog food. 
  Precious, our other dog, will eat them if she can, chase them down like any regular dog—but Buddy just pounces and studies when the fancy takes him. OR...he'll just let them take all his food! Usually take all his food. Not sure why. (Bud is universally weird, I'll say that right now. I've stated that he's a hybrid Beagle from Mars).

  I got a recording and some pictures of the bird trying to eat his food, then I went and got some bird seed for it. And it WOULDN'T EAT IT. Can you imagine? What has the ecosystem come to, that birds recognize dog food but not bird seed??? 

Nope...doesn't wan the seed.

But anyway, after this it flew off back into the other yard. And stayed there. I dumped the birdseed in a pile, but I doubt it ate it. Oh well. It was a good deed anyway. I'm sure some other birds will find it. 

Okay the second nice thing that happened yesterday—my sister gave me one of her chocolates! I've been cutting back on my spending, so I don't have chocolate on hand. It was such a God send. I was SO happy. Freaked her out with my giddy thanks. (She set it down on my desk while I was putting on lotion, and I ran after her, lotion and all to give her a hug. What can I say, chocolate makes me happy! I'm sure you all can relate!) ;D 

Sweet manna from heaven!

This was just something I thought you guys might find exciting, helpful—and everything in between if you're looking for a new handbag. I got my hand bag from Handbag Heaven, and it so perfect for me. And right now Handbag Heaven is a having a Winter clearance! Up to 70% off! So if you're looking for a new handbag, this might be your chance to find exactly what you're looking for! Here's the link..

This is my purse--a Victoria Oversized Exotic Satchel

If you have anything to share, I would LOVE to hear it! So please comment below if you have anything to share, whether its to share another sale, or your own random, exciting stories!

Until later! Ciao.


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