Friday, March 8, 2013

Giddy Spring Happiness!

Here I am again! And guess what? I have incredible news! My garden is sprouting!

Yeah, some of you might be like, “What? Oh. Yeah, a garden. Yay!” But I'm sure that at least some of you can relate! I am a BIG lover of my precious flowers. Last year totally rocked, bloom-wise. I had a spring battle with leafhoppers (to the point they made my pacific beauties look dead, but I won in the end—and my flowers fought back to rock the season with huge, beautiful blossoms!) last year, and I am prepared to encounter that again. 

Last year's Pacific Beauties!
  Just a week and a half ago I realized I needed to transplant one of my mystery daffodils (I thought I had stored them all—surprise! This one appeared in the backyard!) as quick as possible. So I checked the shed to see if I had some others to put it with in a pot. I checked my bulb bags...and ALL of them were sprouting!! In my shed! So needless to say, I spent the rest of that day gardening. Got all of my bulbs in pots, planted a few seeds, as it was a warm day, and other sprouts reseeded from last year were sprouting up in my porch pots fine. (Marigolds, chrysanthemum, gerbera, and one yellow flower variety I call Stars).  Obviously the weather was nice enough to go ahead and plant (that was actually the day before our snowstorm!! Go figure. 70 degrees, that night we get snow. Interesting).

So now I am elated to tell you all that my bulbs are sprouting up jaunty and happy in my porch pots. I am so thrilled. I am so ready for summer. The past couple days have been nice, and good for the garden. In my pots I have mascara (miniature hyacinth variety), some daffodils, tulips, a dwarf iris, one lily...uh, what did I forget? Oh, and I planted two bleeding heart roots! That should look really nice, surrounded by mascara. I have some in a teapot that I am so eager to see blooming. It's going to look so cute. 


Marigold, reseeded from last year!

All my pots. Don't judge the dirt. The grass is trying to grow!

There is actually a funny story surrounding my teapot flower pot. One evening I put some water on for my tea, and...I forgot it. Burned the inside all to nothingness, burnt the sides. But I was able to scrub enough of the ash color off the side, and so, it became a lovely flower pot. Last year I put these tiny clover-like plants in it, which bloomed these cute yellow flowers (which I call Tiny Buttercups) that grow in the area. I LOVE them, they are so cute! Hopefully this year I can get a good picture for you guys. But unfortunately, for some reason the ones in my pot didn't bloom. Bugger. But I'm hoping my mascara will look perfect in my teapot—and it'd be so incredibly adorable if one sprouted through the spout!! Here's hoping!

   In my garden plots I planted a lot of flowers this year: glads (my weakness), shasta daisy, pacific beauty, forget-me-not, snapdragons, four o'clocks, moonflowers, morning glories...wild sunflowers. Oh, and foxgloves. Others I'm going to be planting for the fall season later. I am so eager to see how this year turns out!! My sisters are helping me, so I'm sure it will be a glorious, sun-kissed season.

   So what are your garden plans this year? What are your favorite suppliers? My favorites are Bean Acres on Ebay, Gurney's, and Breck's—although this year when I went to go get a new hose at Walmart, I saw the new stands for all these beautiful flowers...and I came back to the others waiting for me laden with spring happiness and unexpected expense to my purse. Ah yes, we all can relate to that scenario.... ;D By the way, Gurney's and Brecks have this $25/50 coupon each fall/spring. Order $50 or more worth of products, get $25 off! I love that. I always look forward to getting the catalog.

   Please leave your comments below, and share the gardening love! And if you'd like to follow me on Facebook, I'd love to see you! Ciao



  1. Hi Elora!

    Teresa here from Etsy! I'm so excited for Spring too! My daffodils have been up for a few weeks now but the snow and bitter cold has stopped their growth! Your flowers from last year are beautiful!

    1. Hi Teresa! So glad to see you here! My sprouts are getting bigger and bigger...I'm so excited. I have to fertilize them today. Hopefully I won't forget! I was supposed to do it yesterday. I really hope that your daffodils get back on track! I know how disappointing it is when the early bloomers get messed up, and then they don't bloom that season. So sad. Will be saying a prayer for them! ;D


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