Friday, March 1, 2013

Dreams Unite!~Connecting With Others

Hi guys! Oh wait, excuse me for a sec' while I grab a glass of sweet tea!

Okay, I'm back. I needed that. I've just spent the last couple hours trying to catch up on all my business reading, Etsy managing, and writing. Honestly, much of that reading and sifting through my email was driving me nuts. But, I have the satisfaction of saying “HA! I finished it!” And the day is only half gone. So I have a couple hours to burn, writing to friends, working on a project, or...big surprise! Working on my beloved novel. And heaven knows I'll be doing that, as I'm in the middle of a battle scene. (Usually I'd say that's metaphorical, but today—quite literal)! I'm quite looking forward to it, because I have been itching to get some literary goodness out. I have so many ideas, and not just for this novel. So many other adventures!

(For a moment I was quite distracted by something I thought was floating in my tea—I realized it was a normal bubble. Stress gone!)

But, with all this running back and forth, having brief seconds where I actually take a breath, I keep thinking, “Am I spending my time well? Are my email subscriptions to certain sites worth it? Am I kidding myself, thinking I'm contributing, making connections?”
That is a BIG question. Especially for a blogger. Especially for a blogger who intends to make this a partial living. No—let me rephrase that.

An extension and expression of my life. Not a partial living, my actual living. Because even with the other things I do, how will others find my work? Likely, through here. My lovely, fun blog (which I spent a decent amount of time primping and beautifying). So this is a place of art. A place that needs to perfectly represent me and tell everyone who comes, “Hello! I'm so glad you're here! Let's be friends!” Makes me think of back when I was a tiny giddy girl, always happy to make buddies. But that's harder to do over a medium where there isn't physical interaction. But the internet also gives us something the physical world cannot—a connection that goes beyond physical limitations. You can literally have friends from all over the world.

So how does one know their time is being spent well? That they are actually making friends, going about it in a manageable way? I'll be honest. I am a beginner, but one thing I have on my side, is passion. I have big dreams—simple in nature, but big because they are what I dream to do. And I want to share my journey with others who feel the same, who want to live life to the fullest, and sing from the mountain tops about how precious a gift it is. Dreams are an amazing thing, and they are something that unites people better than anything else. So perhaps what we need to ask ourselves is this—how can we relay that, share it pure and simple, in a way that tells others who we are, and what we have to offer?

And that leads to a second question—finding those who share the same dreams, the same likes. But in considering this, perhaps we should also consider the famous saying: those of a feather, flock together. There are online communities, websites, places where those who share a common art, activity, or passion join. There are tools at our fingertips—we just need to have the guts to just completely be ourselves, and be welcoming. Be willing to share.
So I'm going to stand up here and do one of my goofy dramatic poses—are we going to be ourselves and have the guts to share with people? I say YES!

I hope that I have encouraged you, and if you share this vision, I'd love to have you to stay, and comment. Share any amount of goofiness, good advice, sage wisdom you want!

This is a topic that I will follow up on often, as it is one of the biggest topics for any blogger. And if you are looking for a group of supporters, and are starting an Etsy shop (or have had one for a long time but still are looking for a team), please drop over at my Etsy team, “In Business For Life!” We'd be thrilled to have you, and we continue to grow!

Talk to you soon!



  1. Hi,

    I must say you are one of the most vivacious bloggers I have come across. I enjoy the span of areas you cover and write about, pouring all your heart into, be it for daily chores or something of national importance.

    And yes, your goodreads critiques are not only kindest but appreciative/corrective and thus most sought many's for sure.

    Well, thats for you...

    And for your blog, yes its encouraging to meet someone who shares same ideals, even though you meet at virtual place..

    I, too aim to complete a novel by this year's end, after I failed at poetry very badly :(

    Stay as lively as is your writing...

    PS: I think its a typo in your blog's description with word theological.

  2. Thank you so much! That is a real encouragement to me. Needless to say I'm putting a lot in this, learning what I can, and trying to reach people. So thanks! You really boosted my spirits. ;D


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