Sunday, March 10, 2013

Downton Abbey...Why We Love It

  Okay, first hand I'm going to say that I'm going to do a completely different post about the fashion of Downton Abbey. It is so incredibly good, appearance-wise and for shaping the characters. But right now I'm going to write about how I, like others, have a love/hate relationship with the show. And how as a writer this has always made me extremely curious!!

  My main question: What is it that makes us like it so much, while there are things about it that can just drive us up the wall, make us complain about aspects of it being entirely too overly-dramatic and soap opera-y? And yet, for some reason we still like the story! Even love it. (Sometimes I wonder what dudes are thinking, hearing us girls rant about certain things. My thoughts tend to hilarious conclusions).

  For myself, the first things were easy. The characters were fascinating, the clothes (everyone loves the clothes—come on!) were unbelievably elegant and eye-catching, as well as definitive of the character; and the production and lifestyle were so believable. It was simply the tale of this family's life. We all love those sorts of stories. It's something we can equate with, on different levels.

And then as I took a closer look, especially at the characters, I finally realized what, at least for me, kept me liking it. The characters were so unabashedly themselves. So completely human. And that is the core of the show—pure humanness.

  Several characters were downright nasty, some good and kind, but for the most part, many were a mixture. That is the way of the human race. And because of this dual nature, there is no telling what a person might do. Good or bad. that is the drive of a good story. And the thing we get to see throughout the course of the series is change. And that is a beautiful thing, for most of it. Some things aren't for the best, but over all...we still believe in it. 

So many things have happened that we can rejoice in about. And the show isn't afraid of portraying some reality of the types of people in our lives. It has made some stupid moves, but that goes with a lot of shows. I know I have some peeves. What story, what movie has ever been perfect? I know I usually don't finish a book and say, “Now that was a perfect book!” (Actually, I can't remember ever doing that. Except the bible--but not in so many words, and the statement is a matter of principle. ;D)
  My highest praise is usually, “Now that...was a good story.”

I wouldn't praise Downton to the skies, no—but I would suggest it to anyone wanting to see a good story. And heaven knows there aren't enough out there. Downton accomplishes some portrayal of character that some shows don't harness. I care about the characters. Wish the best for them. Am excited to see them change, am ready to mourn for their losses. So...I think that really answers my question, defines what is the heartbeat of the series.

I know I'd want Downton on my shelf. (Especially on the days when I just need to baby my girlishness and get cozy with a comforting latte)!

P.S. Just so you know, my favorite is Lady Violet. The show just wouldn't be the same without her! Love that lady!
  Who is your favorite? What do you like best about the show? I'd love to hear your comments, share links, and talk about the show! (Or aspects of creating stories, etc.) ;D Or just get giddy over fashion pictures!




  1. The costumes are SO amazing on this show! Makes me wish I lived back then so I could wear them!

    I just wish they'd give the story a nice, good ending! Even if it meant stopping the show... for a really good end I think it'd be worth it.

    1. I often wish I could go to one of those Austen (etc.) communities where they get together these parties and dress up. I've always thought that'd be so fun! And then to have a Downton one...glamor. That would be so awesome.
      And I hope they have a really good series ending too...although I am wondering for how much longer it's going to go on. Very curious!

  2. Oh, my goodness, yes, I love Violet!! She steals the whole show. She is so funny! My favorite character has to be Matthew, though. He has the most honest, true and admirable personality of all the characters, I think.

    I absolutely love the costumes and scenery, it's an all-around beautiful show. But I agree with Sarah, I think it should have a good end. I'm a happily-ever-after kind of girl. ;)

    1. Yeah--I couldn't decide if Matthew was my favorite! He was the proverbial knight in shining armor--just more human. And thank goodness. I really, really liked his character! Pity that he wanted to leave, but actors have their own lives to live. I really hope that when the series does end, it is a happy ending, like you said! Like Mary inheriting Downton or something, and things being the way they "should". I know that would make the household very happy, knowing things are being passed on as they should. But who knows what will happen? ;D

    2. I really like Dan Stevens! But I'm kind of glad he left, I'm looking forward to seeing him in something new. The problem with long-running shows is that they tend to sink an actor's reputation, and I think Dan Stevens is better than a "soap-y" star. I enjoyed the first season, and most of the second season, though. And since Mary and Matthew's baby is a boy, I think he'll be the heir. My guess is they're preparing the estate for him, now. I've personally decided to think of the scene where Matthew meets his son as the end. ;) (I knew what was going to happen, and didn't watch any after that, anyway.)

  3. Yeah, I really would like to see Dan Stevens in something else too, now. Something...really different...ha! Maybe a crazy western! Now that would be shocking! ;D


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