Thursday, February 21, 2013

New Banner Design

I redid my banner, partly after some consideration from friends' comments, and partly because I just found out the original name I had planned on is already taken on Etsy. So I had to tweak it a bit. And to be honest...I think this looks a lot better. What do you all think? It is a simple design I did myself through Your opinion would be appreciated!



  1. Again, I left it this size so that you could see the wording clearly.The next size down was to small. Wish it would actually let you customize it to fit the post!

  2. What I feel is that tagline is too prolix...
    You could use more concise terms like:
    For jewels are unbounded timeless treasures
    A jewel which knows eternity
    Some jewels always stay besides
    Lets redefine the eternal pearls..
    A pearl which shines forever....

    Again this is what I feels to be more connecting, rest you are an expert...

  3. Maybe play around with the font? Look at titles from books and things - see how they mess around with the size of the letters and stuff? Just some ideas...

  4. These gems have life in them: their colors speak, say what words fail of. ~George Eliot

    Just ran across that here:


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