Monday, February 11, 2013

Marie Forleo's Success Training Videos

When I began looking into starting a business, it was easy to become rather overwhelmed. Just as so many other have, I'm sure! We soon learn that we need a structure, a plan. Guidance to what we need to know most importantly, and how to go about it in a way that we can clearly put to action.

Through the many blogs that I follow in my continual study for business, I was led to Marie Forleo's free training videos. Today I watched the first, and it was so immensely helpful, breaking down the important basics in a very clear way that will help me move forward with a view of what I am aiming for.

She gave the Six Pillars of business, breaking down those into easy components. I took a notebook and wrote down all these basics, so I can always have them on hand. But instead of rattling on, it would be better for me to share this link, so that you may see for yourself! The second video is also up. I would suggest that you sign up to get all the videos, so you can get the links directly into your inbox!

And extra note~

On the subject of earning our bread and butter, I'm am going to expound on that tomorrow by actually sharing a recipe for delicious homemade bread that is awesome! (Yes, humorous joke).  But I can say in all honesty that this recipe is incredible! So remember that tomorrow I'll be sharing the recipe, with pictures of the beautiful final result!

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