Thursday, January 31, 2013

What To Strive For In Your Business

I read a couple of articles this morning that really made me think of what I hope to reflect in my shop. Values and a happy environment. This article from The Story of Telling spoke of something many of us can relate to—a wonderful experience at a loved shop, or in this case, cafe. The point in this article was the way a loved place can change its tune and feel, and lose it's attractiveness.

I know how much I love going into my town's Starbucks (especially on a rainy day), or walking into a nice chocolate shop or bakery, and the people are so nice, and the shop welcoming. This sort of shop has values of the greatest sort of service—a good product, as well as a good experience. A sense of heart being put into the business.

I know when I picture my highest hopes for my soon-to-be etsy shop (which will be operating under the name of Transcendence), I picture a bright welcoming site reflecting a love of fun, an image for style and a tone of confidence. The reason I began this endeavor was a love of creativity, and expressing and sharing also my love of travel and various eras and styles. I'm hoping that will be well conveyed. I hope that when my customers get their items, they'll love the whole experience they've had, and will be happy to come back. Not only to get an item, but for the happy experience. I want to be their friend, a buddy—but also someone who knows what they want, or knows how to get it.

A excellent place for support in learning about attaining that kind of service, is etsy itself. There are so many teams, and other sellers willing to help others. Etsy is certainly a place of opportunity, and I am so glad to have heard about it!

So what do you want to reflect in your shop? What values, what experience? Can you answer those questions by putting yourself in the shoes of the customer? Will you use Etsy as a way of learning to attain your dreams?

Here is a link of the articles I was speaking of. I hope they encourage you! Please leave your comments below!



  1. Just thought I'd say that I'm loving the name you've chosen for your shop :)

  2. Thank you! I rather like it too. ;)


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