Thursday, January 17, 2013

What I've Been Up To...(Or Not) ;)

I am still getting into my blogging schedule, but I am trying to blog at least once a week. But to catch up with what I've been doing!

  Okay, first of all I've been studying many blogs by other fellow Etsians and online enterpreneurs, of which I'm going to share a few of the links with you, namely oh my! homemade, scoutie girl, and Flourish and Thrive. Currently I've been listening to Flourish and Thrive's Q&A call, which is a now a free download on their site, after signing up for it. I am very grateful for all of the assets these wonderful people are offering! I would greatly advise other fellow jewelry designers just starting out, or still looking to improve their business, to look at these blogs. There are so many things to help us along, there is no reason for us not to learn and better our businesses with them!

  Second, my guilty thing. I HAVEN'T been writing, when I should. Shame on me! But I know that with my juggling family, exercise, (what little I have gotten in throughout this absolutely freezing weather!) and all this preparation and studying, the time is well spent.

  Hopefully, I'll get even more finished this coming week!

  I would love to hear everyone's comments, and your dreams for this year! And feel free to subscribe!

  Sunny days to you!


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