Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Project 300--oh! my handmade idea!

  Something fun that I saw a post about on oh! my handmade was this "project" of instead of doing a 365 Project year, doing a a 300 Project year--and getting more satisfaction and production out of it! I thought it was a tremendous idea (something I can do in my own way), and something to be shared! What do you guys think? I know I certainly see more production from myself when I give myself a more doable challenge--the belief that we can reach the finish line actually moves us to greater effort!
  So--what will you guys be trying to do this year? I am going to try to start recording the days where I actually write--300 days of writing should certainly get me somewhere, be it blogging, 100 words on my novel, a poem--anything to get the literary juices flowing.
  I'd love to hear what you guys will try to accomplish!


  1. I would like to finish The Fear Virus this year and maybe get half of Forever Seventeen done. ;)

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