Thursday, January 10, 2013

Old Camera, New Camera~Etsy Shop Prep!

Just a quick post about my new camera! I had been looking for a long time for a new one, and I found an incredible deal on Ebay for a Nikon S9100 Coolpix for $80—all the accessories included. I was ecstatic! And I immediately bought it, because I knew if I didn't someone else was going to snatch it up!! 

I find it very cool, compared to my old (very old) digital camera that I've had for years. I managed to take some nice pictures with it, but this new one has such an incredible zoom, and more clarity—not to speak of the shutter speed. I definitely knew that I was going to need a new camera come time for my shop pictures. And I thank the Lord for his blessings! Already a few pictures have been used on my blog. I rather enjoy using it.

But, now out with the old. And I feel a bit sad for it—all that complaining, and temper—granted, it had its days of praise when it did a good job. But all things pass, even outdated cameras that got torn up with the long usage, and that don't have a good zoom. In with the new, and in with the sharper pictures!

The camera is actually one of the first real steps already taken to my shop prep—I have everything planned: the ordering of materials, the applying for a license, getting a custom banner and avatar, ordering packaging materials and goodies...I am very glad and excited about my plans. Really looking forward to opening day!

  May lucky sunshine light my garden path!


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  1. Awesome camera!! :) love it even more because it's a Nikon!! :D


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