Thursday, January 3, 2013

January, My Old Friend

   Good morning! I don't know about the rest of you, but I stayed up until midnight to see the turn of the year this year. I had intentioned on going straight to bed afterward, but sudden inspiration seized me when I hung up my new calendar. (It's a Hobbit calendar, as I am a Tolkien fan—but I must say, it's rather weird how it looks like Bilbo is looking down at me with a strange grin on his face...). 

  I was marveling at how fast January had come around again, and I thought of all I had accomplished in the last year. Finishing so much of my writing (I'm writing a trilogy, as I mentioned in a previous post, and I worked on all three books last year!), traveling to help with a friend's wedding, getting healthier—and it just made January seem like a fresh, friendly promise of what may come this year.

Then I had to write a song, because the words just popped in my head, and clamored for attention! This song is in the style of Mindy Gledhill, that light, happy-skippy beat that is just so cheerful. I don't say that it's in its final state though—I might change over time, especially when I'm able to put it to music!


Welcome Back,
January, Old Friend

Hey, it's nice to see you
See your fresh face again
A simple turning of the page
Filled with promises
Of all this new year can be

It's really nice, seeing you
Gives me hope that tomorrow, too
And all the tomorrows after
Will have skies of blue
And that every time I wake
I'll see you

God bless you,
Welcome back
January, my old friend
Much has happened
Since last we met
Many things have been done
Dreams came, and they have gone
But some have remained
To be fought for

Hey, it's really nice
Seeing you
And seeing all the world under skies of blue
How I hope that all I do--

Will be a consummated, articulated
My dedicated
To you

Welcome back
And God bless you,
January, my
Old friend

 I hope y'all enjoyed this! Have a happy, blue-skies day!!

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